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Hi i'm umsey! If you'd like a piece from me you've come to the right place! ↷
Prices are with the examples!
Fill out sheet is required!

adding another character with this will be 10-20 USD ranging on complexity

another character added is 10 usd each

- another character added is +5 USD each
can include arms if you'd like, or if not let me know!

• please clarify what kind of sketch page style you want - i.e. fullbody ft busts/headshots or just headshots!
(or you can leave it up to me!)
• will have at least or most of 4 of your character
• if you want another character added that will be 10 USD each

• Payment is through Paypal.me
It's the easiest way for me to get it in
a timely manner !
• I don't haggle prices nor offer discounts

• To prevent myself from being scammed, I only start when getting paid
• All Prices are USD

• Tips aren't expected but appreciated!

> As an artist, I have the right to refuse any commission <

• NSFW art (this includes suggestive pieces)
• Argueing about price nor trying to haggle, friends/family or not

• Anything morally wrong or ambiguous

• Your commission in total should be done within the month you've ordered it
• However, I will always give a heads up if I need longer to do so

• Once a sketch is shown it should be done in days

• The time can change depending on complexity and how many commissioners I have!

• If I go awhile without updating you please reach out to me, I want our enviroment a safe yet professional one!

• I will draw OCs or canon characters, pets, you name it!
-> • Fill out sheet is required
• Please be prepared to provide references for your original characters
• Since I finish so quickly after sketches, I don't allow refunds after they're shown
• Simple props are free

• More detailed props will have an additional fee which we can work out.

• If you need alterations, please contact me and I will do so.

• Watermarks cannot be removed


Which type of commission?:
Gender of character(s):
Body type(s):
Type of background you'd like:
Anything to note?:
Anything you wouldn't want?:

Please send me your filled out sheet at my email:
[email protected]
message me on any of my socials!